About Addy & Olive

You’ll never forget the dog you grew up with and the dog you grew old(er) with. For me, that’s Addy & Olive.

Addy was my family’s dog and was with me throughout the awkwardness of middle school, the angst of high school, and those taken-for-granted breaks in between college semesters. Olive is my first dog as an adult, my fiercest defender against the constant stream of squirrels and delivery men visiting our front porch, and the best ice breaker in a new city.

Those who have seen us know that Olive and I don’t travel light. A walk around the neighborhood can cause us to overpack. I was tired of holding my phone, keys, leash, dog treats, doggy bags, chapstick (I could go on…), but didn’t find my go-to crossbody dog walking bag terribly convenient for dispensing treats and bags in a pinch. Enter, the Addy & Olive 6-in-1 Dog Walking Bag.

Handmade with love in Nashville, Tennessee, each purchase helps support a local business as well as the artisans, immigrants, and refugees at The Sewing Training Academy.

Thank you for choosing Addy & Olive!

Photo taken from The Sewing Training Academy Instagram @sewingtrainingacademy.

About The Sewing Training Academy

“The Sewing Training Academy (STA) is helping to bridge the gap between the lack of workers skilled in industrial sewing and the abundant jobs available in the field.

The Sewing Training Academy is a program of Catholic Charities Diocese of Nashville and was established in collaboration with the Van Tucker, formerly of the Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA). Since our inaugural class in August 2015, we’ve trained more than 250 students in industrial sewing.

Our goal is to be a hub, not only a trusted source for employers to find great sewers to join their team, but also a place where students can learn a trade and find their own road to success. We exist to help people better their lives through sewing.

Taken from the Sewing Training Academy website: https://cctenn.org/causes/job-training/sewing-training-academy/